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2023 Hits 100 Awards Voting on Twitter + Instagram!

As you guys probably know, voting is now open for the 4th annual Hits 100 Awards. You guys are probably blowing up the form right now by voting as many times. We have some answers for you guys! Can I vote on Twitter & Instagram? Yes, you guys can vote on Twitter & Instagram. How does voting work on Twitter & Instagram? Good question, Tweet with the name of the category you are voting for & with the artist name & don't forget to add #Hits100Awards at the end.

Same for Instagram, but take a screenshot of the Tweet & share to Instagram. Interactions also help with voting. Liking or RT a post counts as voting as well. Here is an example of how to vote on Twitter!

Here are the hashtags to use while voting on Social Media!

Voting Social Media Rules:

When voting on social media, fans can tweet/post per day while voting. Voting closes January 8th at 10pm MST!


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