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It's That Time! Break???

Hi guys, it is me Jacob Lee the CEO & Owner of Hits 100 Arizona. Hits 100 Arizona was started in 2016 & has been going on since then. I loved & enjoyed getting to run the station & play your song requests & have DJs on the station.

This is hard for me to share & write this, but on August 6th at 7pm MST it will be the last day for Hits 100 Arizona. This is the hardest decision for me to make, but it is that time for a possible break. It has been really hard for me to keep the station alive & making sure it doesn't go off air. It's hard to pay money monthly, when you are trying to make a living & trying to survive in this World. I also felt like I been letting you guys down, not having the song on the station that you guys want to hear & having you guys wait for me to add it to the station. Then, depression is also getting in the way & not doing a show & feeling motivated. I really appreciate all of you guys & the artists & the past DJs who have done shows on the station, thanks to everyone for making this the best station!

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