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New Single from Giselle?!?!?!

Giselle is a singer/songwriter who makes Pop music in Los Angeles, California. Giselle has two awesome songs called, "Convenience" which was released in 2020 & her recent single that she put out this year on June 2 & that is called, "I D W D". Giselle has a strong passion for music. Today Giselle share an Instagram post about her new song coming out on November 18th. The song is called, "Come to LA".

Here is the music video for, "I D W D" by Giselle, which you can check out right now!

We can't wait to listen & play Giselle's new single, "Come to LA" when it comes out on November 18th! Are you excited for Giselle's new song? Share you thoughts below.

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1 Comment

Janet Binette
Janet Binette
Nov 02, 2022

So excited to hear Giselle’s new song!!

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