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Should you attend Decedence 2022?

Last night on New Year’s Eve I got to attend Decedence 2021 for my first time. Decedence took place at Rawhide Western Town & Event Center. Decedence is a two day event & happens on December 30th & 31st. Prices can be to $99-$500.

I attended Decedence because, I wanted to see my favorite DJ Marshmello. Before Marshmello came on the DJ Dillion Francis came on. Dillion’s set was from 10:50pm-12:10am. Dillion got to DJ into 2022, I thought he did a good job with his set. I was happy when Marshmello came on! Marshmello’s set was from 12:20am to 1:35am. Marshmello did amazing & it was my first time seeing him DJ in person.

For the weather it was windy & rainy, I think it was like 58 outside. If you attend Decedence Arizona 2022 I recommend you wear some warm clothing depending on what the weather will be like. Here are a few examples of what some people were wearing that you shouldn’ wear when it is windy & rainy. Those are a few examples of what you shouldn’t wear when the weather is windy & rainy. The nice thing is that Decedence even posted a reminder of wearing something warm on their social media accounts.

Do I recommend you attend Decedence Arizona 2022? My answer is yes! I had fun & I enjoyed the music. Decedence has drinks, food, & activities like axe throwing & roller skating. Hopefully you attend Decedence 2022 & I know I will possibly will & I know I will try to get Vip next time. Hopefully that answers your question about if you should attend or not.


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