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Giselle Shares Exclusive News with Hits 100 Arizona! Upcoming Tour & Music Video?

Yesterday on December 31st, 2022 Hits 100 Arizona the #1 Hit Music Station had it's annual Top 50 Countdown at 5pm MST. Singer/Songwriter Giselle hosted the countdown show for her first time & she said in the interview, "She enjoyed hosting". Jacob Lee the Owner of Hits 100 Arizona asked Giselle what can we expect for her in 2023 & she shared this.

Either in January or February the music video for Giselle's latests song, "Come To LA" will be coming out. It's in the works & we can expect to see it very soon, which is awesome & some new music will be coming & Giselle also shared some exclusive news which is that in Summer she will be doing a small tour in California. That's really exciting news! Giselle also shared that possibly in 2024 she will be touring in different states, her tour that she was supposed to do in 2020 got postponed because of COVID & she might be doing the tour in 2024.

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Janet Binette
Janet Binette
Jan 01, 2023

Exciting news!!!

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