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Twitter Rolls out Twitter Blue Update!

Twitter a social media platform for posting, liking, & interacting with others. Has a Subscription called, "Twitter Blue". The price was $2.99 a month & now it's changed.

Twitter has Verification & used to have a form for requesting to get verified, also known as the blue checkmark. On October 26, Elon officially became the new CEO of Twitter & moved his stuff in the HQ.

On November 1st, Elon started teasing on Twitter that Twitter Blue would cost $8 & Twitter users would be able to get the blue checkmark, if they pay $8 a month.

Today now the Twitter update is out for Twitter Blue & the price is now $8 a month. Anyone who pays the $8 will now be able to get the blue checkmark.

What are your thoughts on Twitter Blue now being $8 & will you get it, so you can get verified? Let us know in the comments below!

Will you pay the $8?

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