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Radio Fam Marie To Receive an Award at 2021 Hits 100 Awards!

The Hits 100 Awards is an award show for music & movies. It is an annual event that takes place each year on FaceBook & YouTube. Voting is determined by the fans! Jacob Lee the owner of Hits 100 Arizona & C100 hosts the event.

On April 24th at 4pm, you will be able to watch the 2021 Hits 100 Awards live on FaceBook & YouTube! Jacob Lee the owner of Hits 100 Arizona & C100 will be hosting the event & Giselle singer & song writer will be co-hosting.

Giselle, Sabrina Fallah, Kaden Jordan & Moonray will be performing at the 2021 Hits 100 Awards! During the show Jacob will be giving out a new award called, "Fanmazing Award". The award is for awesome people who are doing awesome stuff. The award will be giving out to Marie who runs The Radio Fam account.

This year's Hits 100 Awards will be amazing, be sure to tune into the 2021 Hits 100 Awards on April 24th at 4pm MST live on FaceBook & YouTube!


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